Northern and mountain travels
Понедельник, 24.02.2020, 20:56
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The site was created not so much for the description of my travels, which are not outstanding at all, but rather for advertising an outdoor lifestyle in general. And especially for advertising winter and northern travel and climbing. For some reason even among the harsh thrill-seekers, hikers and climbers there are many people who do not like the cold. But the cold is a very interesting opponent, complex and cunning. It's not less interesting than, for example, height.

And besides, winter is the least crowded time of the year. You leave the city, and there is the frozen snow desert, and nowhere is the soul, everything is yours ... In winter everything looks more unusual, there is a completely different world. Of course in summer there are beautiful views sometimes, and the champion of beauty is golden autumn. But real miracles happen only in winter.

Winter miracles

The photo is from the Internet. I don't know the author.

All photos on the site are clickable.

Do not try to repeat the described winter hikes without adequate preparation!

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